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Water Heater Repair Service In Aurora, CO

Repairing a failing hot water heater can save you money on energy costs and help your heater run at peak levels for years to come.

Addressing hot water issues in your home or commercial business promptly can also prevent bigger problems from occurring later.

While having no hot water in your dwelling is clear sign your hot water tank or tankless heater is not running properly, other symptoms might also signal that your water heater needs repair. It may be that your water looks rusty, the pilot is flickering on and off of a natural gas tank, or the tank is rumbling and banging.

It also may be that your tank is leaking or the water smells foul or hot water recovery is slow after usage. Whatever the case, repairs are likely needed by a trained professional.

Our Aurora, CO plumbers and water heater technicians are highly qualified to fix heaters of all sizes, brands and types. That includes gas, electric, tankless, and hybrid heaters.

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Water heater and hot water tank repairs

Although hot water heaters are made to produce at optimal levels for many years, they malfunction from time to time. Common hot water tank and water heater issues include:

  • Thermostat is broken and you can no longer control the water temperature
  • Electrical malfunctions preventing the heater from working properly
  • Physical damage, including wear and tear and dents and cracks
  • Blockages preventing water to enter tank
  • Sediment, slime, scale build up
  • Broken pressure release valve
  • Age of heater (older than 10 years)

Hot water tank and tankless heater installation and replacement options

Most hot water tanks are good for 10-15 years. If yours is that range, it is likely you’ll benefit from the installation of a new heater that is more efficient and will save you on energy bills.

While simply repairing the heater will save money upfront, replacing an older tank has many benefits and will likely save you from future issues and frustration. Tankless heaters, for one, can last up to 25 years and are much more efficient than traditional heaters.

In addition to water heater repair, we deliver expert installation service when necessary. We lay out your repair/replacement options and give you as much information as possible to help you make the right decision for your needs and budget.

Prevent water heater problems

Preventative maintenance can help extend the life of your hot water tank.

Having a professional drain your tank annually will prevent sediment, slime and scale from building up. This will decrease the chances of blockages, foul water, and other problems.

Call us for an estimate or more information on yearly hot water heater maintenance.

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